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Track and trace

Uncover hidden product insights for smarter inventory management with RFID tags.


When you sell physical products, you need to be able to track their location, their quantity and the efficiency with which they’re moving through your supply chain. The trouble is that most physical operations have offline blind spots – places where data isn’t collected.


That lack of data can quickly turn into much bigger problems like slower inventory turnover, inefficient inventory management, lack of insight into stock availability and an inability to optimize stores and supply chains.


Track your stock, wherever it is, with RFID tags.
To get complete visibility across the product lifecycle, you need to be able to track every individual product, wherever it is.


The best way to do that is by embedding RFID tags into each product, turning them into living products. That way, your people can track every single product, as it moves across your supply chain, giving them a realistic view of stock availability and needs.


Most important, you gain access to a whole new kind of data – living product data. That’s data that shows you what’s happening in the real world, while it’s happening.


With it, you can start to streamline your retail operation with reliable product insights as they move from manufacturing to distribution to stores. And your stores can more efficiently move products by identifying stock needs sooner and reducing the number of times it’s unavailable.


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