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Smarter product registration with NFC tags

Defeat warranty fraud and simplify customer onboarding.


Warranties build trust, differentiate your products and help you deliver exceptional customer service.


But warranty fraud can represent up to 15% of your average warranty bill[1]. Stolen or falsified customer data plays a huge part, but brands are rightfully wary of challenging legitimate claims. 


To cut the problem off at the roots, you need a robust registration process that can’t be hacked. And a simpler way to onboard your real customers.


Embedded NFC tags transform product registration

When you embed NFC tags into your products (the same technology used to make things like Apple Pay possible) you give them the ability to tap on your products with their phones and launch secure, unique digital experiences.


In other words, you turn your products into platforms. So when a new customer starts using your product for the first time, all they need to do is tap on it with a smartphone to sign-up for a warranty for the specific product they tapped on. 


The unique identity of the tag ensures the process can’t be hacked. More important, you get a secure, digital channel through which to onboard your customers with content like personalized instruction manuals, information about repair and replacements, and even cross-sell recommendations.


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