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Patient identification

Give your patients a better experience with medical tattoos.


To deliver the best possible patient care, doctors and medical professionals need a simple, reliable and secure way to identify every patient.


The most common way to do this is by giving patients a wristband with a barcode. The problem is that these wristbands are easy to transfer, lose and fake.


What’s needed is something that’s both a more secure way to connect to confidential patient data and a better way to care for patients.


NFC chips and patient identification
NFC technology (the same tech that makes things like Apple Pay and other Contactless payment methods possible) is a secure way to identify patients and access their electronic health records.


But it’s also the basis for a better way to interact with patients.


It starts with semi-permanent medical tattoos that contain a secure NFC chip and can be attached to a patient. Then, medical professionals can tap on that tattoo with a smartphone to get instant access to that patient’s healthcare data.


It’s an incredibly easy way to access the information that’s also secure enough for healthcare records. And crucially, it gives patients the ability to access their own records during recovery. All they have to do is tap on their tattoos with their smartphones – whether they’re at home or within your facility – and they can instantly get updates from their doctors.


So medical professionals can deliver the right treatment to the right patient. And patients get a better care experience.


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