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Embedded temperature, moisture and shock sensors

Collect new product insights about your products’ environment


When your products or parts depend on specific temperature, humidity, moisture and absence of high acceleration conditions, you need processes to ensure those conditions are reliably met.


But if you’re going to track the temperature, moisture and shock levels of your products, you need a cost-efficient, smarter way to do it so that you aren’t responding to issues once they’ve occurred.


Make your products smarter with sensors

The best way to detect temperature, moisture and shock levels in your products is by embedding sensors in every one of them. The good news is that you don’t have to completely reinvent your products to do this.


In fact, you can embed sensors into every unit without making a huge addition to your bill of materials.


Then, your customers or your employees can easily and routinely wave a reader around your products, or use a fixed reader gate to tell when they’re getting hot, cold, damp, dry or being exposed to shock.


That way you can get the product insights you need to maintain the conditions for optimum performance throughout the product lifecycle. So your supply chain becomes more efficient. With fewer costly mistakes. And your customers get products that last longer. 


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