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Guest authentication

Transform the guest experience with NFC tags.


Guests have always wanted (and expected) a personalized, friction-free hospitality experience that’s exactly right for them.


The challenge for hospitality businesses is to deliver that experience at scale – making it easy for every guest to get what they’re entitled to and buy the other things they want in a secure way.


NFC tags and guest authentication
So how do you give your guests a neat, secure way to authenticate themselves and pay for services?


Traditional cards and wristbands are a good start. But they’re easy to lose and people share them with other guests all the time.


A smarter move would be to give guests something that only they can use without risk of loss.


That’s where NFC technology comes in (the same technology powering secure payments through ‘contactless’ and Apple Pay). Here’s how it works.


You create customizable, semi-permanent tattoos that can be attached onto guests (designed to last as long as the guests’ stay). The tattoos have an NFC tag embedded in them that allow guests to securely authenticate themselves when they’re using your services. And also, to buy other services.


You get info like ID, room number, access rights, board type, package inclusions, food allergies and special requirements. Even account details, so guests can buy-as-they-go with the tap of an arm.


The result is that you deliver a seamless, integrated and completely individual experience for every guest, every time. And your guests get an easier way to use your services.


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