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Drug authentication

Prevent counterfeit drugs with one-tap pharmaceutical authentication.


Counterfeit drugs are a massive problem.


Fake tuberculosis and malaria drugs alone kill 700,000 people a year[1] – more than a person a minute. And one million people die every year from taking counterfeit toxic drugs.[2]


They’re a threat to your customers. And they’re a threat to your brand.


Tackle counterfeit drugs with NFC tags.

By embedding NFC tags in your pharmaceutical packaging (the same technology used to make contactless payments possible), you give your customers the ability to authenticate drugs at the tap of a phone.


That way, before they take the medicine they bought, they can make sure it’s actually been manufactured by you. All they have to do is tap on the digital seal or packaging to get a confirmation message from you that the drugs are legitimate.


You may not be able to stop all the counterfeiters trying to sell knock-off drugs. But you can make sure the people who are buying authentic products have the peace of mind that they haven’t been conned.


And you can make sure your brand stays protected from scandal.


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