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Brand protection

Prevent retail fraud and counterfeit goods with one-tap brand authentication.


Counterfeit goods harm your bottom line and damage your brand.


And the problem’s only growing. By 150% since 2005 [1], with the global counterfeit market being valued at nearly half a trillion dollars in 2013[2].


But if you want to tackle counterfeiting, there’s a more positive solution than trying to go after the market for counterfeit goods.


You start by making it easier to prove your products are really your products. 


NFC tags make your products smart enough for brand authentication.

By embedding NFC tags in your products (the same technology used to make contactless payment possible), you give your customers the ability to launch digital content when they tap on them with their smartphones.


Which means you can digitally authenticate those products as your products. No ifs, no buts. The tags themselves are uniquely identifiable, so they can’t be faked and your authentication message can’t be faked either.


Your customer can instantly verify your product with the tap of a smartphone. Your distributor can’t resell under your radar because you have complete remote visibility over every product and every tag in every product. And your factory workers can’t slip products out the back door either.


When you make your products just a little smarter, you make sure your customers know exactly what they’re getting. And you instantly separate your products from counterfeit ones. That’s how you beat fraud.  


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